Halloween Update

Category: , By Thomas Pham
Halloween is coming up, and Prodigy is completely booked! We all have our costumes, so keep a look out for us at the next event you attend.

Last week Prodigy sponsored CADC, and did music for the auditions. Everyone who participated was incredible, and did a great job. The crowd and CADC alumni did an awesome job of cheering, even though we received a few noise complaints. CAMA had a performance which was seriously amazing an incredible display of martial arts. Thanks to all who came out to support.

We're trying to update the blog with more information on the upcoming events, but it has definitely been hard to find time. Please book us early for any formals or parties for November and early December. Prodigy will be shutting down for the later part of December for family, and to take a break from everything!

Tomorrow we will be at Pikes of the Caribbean at noon on ringroad, and again at their party at night. The concept they have for this event/week is definitely incredible. I think it really brings all the different orgs together to do something fun and great publicity for their party as well. Below is their website, visit it and read on!

Also tomorrow (Thursday), Prodigy will also be doing production for Club Neon's event, which is an open party, so if you're bored swing by and support them. It should be fun.

Next thursday is Phi Psi and Sigma Pi Halloween parties in which we will be taking care of music and production for both events. If you are attending either one of those, please come up and say hello! We'd really appreciate it.
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Thank You To All Who Made This Event Successful!

Category: By Thomas Pham
As you all may know, Prodigy and CADC’s event was last Thursday. Here at Prodigy we believed it was a great success, and wanted to thank you all that helped out and worked hard to get this event together. This was a huge step for Prodigy, and hopefully a step for CADC as well.
I wanted to personally say thank you to CADC and all of its members for working together with us to make this event a success. The members of CADC are all great and came with open hearts and minds, ready to tackle the challenge. A positive energy is with this group, and will forever push them to the top. I didn’t know much about them before we got together, but after meeting many on a pretty personal level, I am glad our roads crossed. The first day I met these guys, I was already impressed. I’ve never met such a welcoming group who made it a point to meet and introduce themselves to a new person before. I’ve left messages with Janice and Raffy regarding my feelings towards the group, and I hope they pass it on, because I totally meant it!
On a side note, we had photography done by Grant Yoshino from PicMember, and the shots turned out great. I quickly pulled some of the high resolution pics off their site, and posted them up. CADC better navigate the site because there are definitely a lot of good looking pics of you guys!

Furthermore, Prodigy members were sporting clothes from As Seen Fit. If you guys liked any of the shirts or sweaters we were wearing, check them out at their website. They were happy to give us a discount, so please use code “prodigy” to get 40% off.

Finally, as one of the main coordinators for hosting this event, I wanted to give a special thanks to all members here at Prodigy who helped out. I’ve told you guys before, but I’ll tell you again, productions like this cannot be done by one person, and with all of us working together, we can definitely do anything. I encourage you all to leave feedback and post your experiences on the site whether it be through comments or new entries.

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Lookin' Good People, Lookin' Good.

Category: By Jaime Luu
Yes, this blog is definitely lookin' good. Prodigy has certainly chosen
the finest for its team. It appears there has been consistent movement in
the viewing of the blog, which is great. But it would really be fantastic
if we got some discussion stirring among the comments. Let us know what
you think people! We want your ideas; how do you think Prodigy can
improve? We are here to cater to you, after all it is a business.

And so, let us look forward to the exciting events of October. Nearing us
is the CADC event with Prodigy; we are all anticipating that one. And I am
sure it will not disappoint. Can't wait to see you all there!
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Category: By Thomas Pham

For the first time ever, CADC and Prodigy Entertainment Group will be under one roof, collaborating in throwing the biggest event at the beginning of the new school year. It'll only be the first week of school!

Come party with CADC and meet both the current team and alumni as they celebrate their 15th year anniversary! Its going to be sexy hot with all this talent under one roof. CADC will be performing live as the DJs show off their beats and hot new videos. Come party it up!

DJ T-Pham :: dropping top40 and the best of the bay
DJK-Dar :: spinning mash ups and music videos

We'll be on ringroad all week passing out flyers and selling presale tickets. Just follow the music, and find us at the our booth! Presale are limited, and will sell out.

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Category: , By Teresa
As we’re gearing up for fall, Prodigy’s got some top secret events lined up for everyone’s favorite holiday… Halloween!

The parties are about to be crazyyyy: we’ll be setting up DMX moving heads, black light cannons, plasmas, and projectors. The DJs will be playing a mashup of dance, trance, house, and hiphop all night long. The Prodigy team will be working the deck our venues out in full-on Halloween decorations.

Bonus perks: glowsticks, necklaces, and bracelets for the guests. Oh and — the DJs will even dress up. And take it from me… they make super cute French maids.

Want in? Book a Halloween event now by e-mailing us here. We’re high in demand. No, really, we are. So book early. Let’s party. :)
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As Seen Fit - Labor Day Sale!

Category: By Thomas Pham
Check As Seen Fit today, and be sure to make your purchases before the end of tomorrow. The sale is only for one day. They're giving us a break, so be sure to take advantage of it. I already know what I've got in mind.

For the ladies, your clothing should be dropping in about a week or so I've heard from the press. Hold steady, as www.AsSeenFit.com gets ready for the female launch coming soon!
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Jeanelle's Intro

Category: By Jeanelle
Hey guys! My name's Jeanelle and I am wayyy ecstatic to be part of Prodigy and be able to contribute to the launch of the new blog. This is definitely gonna bring Prodigy to a whole new level. Our current and future clients will finally get to know our team on a more personal level, and see how hard Prodigy works to bring you THE best entertainment service out there.

Here's a bit of info on myself. I am originally from beautiful San Diego. Currently a full time student at UC Irvine and finishing in 2009. I'm majoring in Studio Arts and minoring in Digital Arts - concentrating on graphics and digital photography. I am pursuing a career in advertising and getting into the creative, production and marketing aspect of the industry.

I just spent my summer taking digital art and advertising classes, as well as pursuing long overdue ambitions. Just last sunday, I performed at Team Millennia's Summer Intensive Showcase. Dance has always been something I've wanted to do, and I'm glad I've finally gotten the chance to pursue it. You're never too old to pursue things you want to do .. you only live once! I've also spent the summer brushing up on perfecting my photoshop skills (I am proud to admit I am definitely a nerd). I've recently fallen in love with photography - shopping around for my slr right now (leaning towards Canon .. sorry nikon fans!).

What else can I say about myself? I am a huge fan of staying active and fit. I love going to the gym, running and playing tennis. I've dabbled with surfing, snowboarding, and almost every other sport out there. I love concerts, music, movies .. who doesn't?

With that said. Thanks for visiting, thanks for reading! Here's to Prodigy! Cheers =]

I am proud to announce that I have my new baby: Nikon D60.
I did want a Canon, but gotta admit .. nikons are bomb.
Look out for my flickr !  Coming sooooon !  Keep you all posted =]
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Wedding Season

Category: By Thomas Pham
The month of August was definitely one of the most wedding packed months I've ever seen. The 08-08-08 day was a huge factor for this according to an Asian couple I met (goodluck). We love to do weddings, although we don't market them as much. This season, Prodigy was hired to do a Korean wedding on 08-09-08 @ the Sheraton of Anaheim. It was a long two room setup.

The first setup was in the cocktail room which had an open bar and food consisting mostly of snacks. I DJed for this one as a precursor to the main reception room. It was a very basic setup, two speakers, some uplighting, and my wheels.
Our second setup was in the main hall. We setup 4 Macs to color the room according to the Bride's wants/theme (green and purple). This actually looked a lot better than I thought it would, covering the entire room top to bottom. I assumed we would have a really hard time coloring a room that was so large, but with the Macs, brightness and coloring was definitely not a problem. Behind the long table where the bride/groom sat we also colored the entire wall a nice light calm green complementing the moving head spray really nicely. I think we would do a similar setup for our next event.

Kedar spun music videos on the 4 plasmas equally distributed across the room. He also designed many different pictures/wallpapers that we were able to use during dinner time to display photos of the bridge and groom. The couple had a video made, and so we played that which was about 7 minutes. The video was by far the best I've ever seen in the wedding industry, and the photo team was awesome. Let me know if anyone is getting married, and wouldn't mind spending some extra money on memorabilia thats worth while.

All in all, the event was a sucess. Did it with just the two of us, but had a great time doing it. $200 in tip never hurts either. View Comments

Lady Kate, in collaboration with Crystal Entertainment and Page Productions

Category: By Thomas Pham

Prodigy's recent event was with Crystal Entertainment, and Page Productions. It was a lot of fun mostly because a special guest DJ was there, Lady Kate. She had a nice set, and was a great contribution to the closing of the night. Kedar and I flew 4 plasma TVs which our logos switching back and forth, and some great pictures of her (Lady Kate) which I think she appreciated a lot. The different companies got along great, and we hope to do business with you guys again. Cheers. View Comments

Teresa's Introduktion

Category: By Teresa
Hi everyone!

That’s right. I spell “introduktion” with a K.

Thomas has asked me to be a contributing blogger despite my apparent uselessness in all departments. I'm incredibly honored and will attempt to refrain from making racist jokes in a public forum that represents something (eek!) important. I really think he only asked me because he knows when everyone else gets lazy about blogging, I won't. Because I'm a diehard blogger. I started in 7th grade and never looked back!

So this is my About Me: I'm born and raised in the Bay Area. I pose as a student at the University of California, San Diego where I double major in Communication and Beach Bumming. I spent my summer interning at Glamour magazine, where I was once given the task of locating an image of “Paris Hilton in excessive jewelry, high heels and a gold bikini.” (That’s verbatim.) Two days a week, I interned at mediabistro.com. I can’t talk about it. They Google-alert the company name. But it was a grand time. I fell in love with New York City. I can’t say the feeling was mutual, but at least the subway bums reciprocated the love. Post-graduation, I will likely become an underpaid freelance writer, subsisting on a diet of ramen and beer.

I blog obnoxiously about my life here. I do everything in excess (eat, spend, eat). In terms of my hobbies, I tend to gravitate toward things I’m really bad at, for example, technology and snowboarding. I am therefore going to marry the man who takes on the challenge of teaching me about both.

I openly admit to having pretty horrible taste in music. I only like Top 40 songs, and even then, I only find out about them two months after they are mainstream. (Most recently, I started liking that one song about — what was it? — cherry chapstick...)

In terms of Prodigy-related business, I hope to crash weddings as part of the Prodigy Entertainment entourage because I have a special fondness for hors d’oeuvres and open bars. I also hope Thomas will DJ at my birthday party in exchange for my indentured servitude as a Bad Blogger. This is my nonconfrontational way of asking. Thomas, will you DJ at my birthday party? Thanks!

I promise to think of more relevant things to write about next time.


Gossip Girl
(Identity crisis. I know.)

PS: I warned Thomas my post would be ridiculous.

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Jaime Luu

Category: By Jaime Luu
Alright, alright. Here we go. I’m new to this blogging business, so cut me
some slack DJ-TPham and staff. Oh, how Prodigy has grown. Who knew this
little man from Milipitas would become considerably successful in SoCal so
soon? Thomas did. And I whole-heartedly support him in all his endeavors.
Hence, that is my reason for being here.

I am a super senior here at the UCI, studying studio art and minoring in
education. I plan on becoming an art therapist, teaching, and saving all
the children in the world (yes, I consider myself philanthropic). I live
for art, music, food, and seeing the good in the world we live in; not
particularly in that order of course. Ilike to be in good company, which
consists of my adoring friends and my magnificent family. As decent people
we laugh, we cry, and we grow together.

In my leisure I love to enjoy live music, expand my taste in music, go
bowling (we’re pro), attempt to cook, stroll the beach at night, and
pretend I’m VIP at Thomas’ gigs. I like to act like I can draw, paint, and
play the drums. Also, I have this condition where I genuinely laugh out
loud at everything. I need to find more people who share my humor.

I’ll leave the rest of myself as a mystery. I think that’s fair.

To the continued success of Prodigy. Cheers.
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Daniel's Intro

Category: By Daniel

Greetings from San Diego!

So apparently DJ T-Pham is on Teresa's ass, to get on my ass, about this intro post (doesn't sound too pleasant).

I love all things relating to food, Warriors, 49ers, health, fitness, and technology. All of which are available to me in my hometown, in the Bay Area – GET HYPHY!@!1 I am in my final year at UCSD, and still expending most of my efforts to expend the least amount of work possible to graduate. I hope this isn’t too counter-productive, but I guess it works.

Okay, so this is how I am related to Prodigy: It started in elementary, when Thomas and I first met, Thomas was jealous of my suave demeanor and I needed help with my homework…wait what? nm that.

Anyways, since Prodigy Entertainment was created, every now and then Thomas would trick me into assisting him with Prodigy. Nothing big, just carrying extremely heavy and expensive equipment, climbing huge truss structures, making introductory blog posts, etc…You know, nothing too crazy.

I recently got into digital photography, along with Thomas, Charlie, and some other friends and family. We all purchased digital SLR cameras, so hopefully we will be able to capture some great Prodigy moments. Problem is, I still have no idea of how to use these complex functions, Av, P, M, AF, WTF, LOL, JK..

For on me and my life you can catch me on tumblr

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DJK-dar aka Kedar Tilak

Category: By Kedar Tilak
What’s up blog-topia!

I’m rather new to this blogging-ness of blogland but I assure you I’ll try to make my entries blogtastic. Sorry… the word blog just amuses me. But for the sake of not boring your brains with other b-words, I’ll stick to the basics. Hehe.

My name is Kedar and I’m one of the DJs and organizers at Prodigy Entertainment. As you can see, we have a pretty exciting and articulate group of staff members here and I’m really looking forward to keeping this blog up to date. The DJ life is going strong and I can’t wait for this school year to really take off. The first few weeks are always the busiest and typically the most fun as well.

If you were to try to explain my DJ style, I would probably describe myself as a mash-up fiend. Mixing anything from the Super Mario Brothers soundtrack to MTV’s Rob and Big, I love mashing today’s popular beats with some other genres of pop culture. With the comeback of house already underway, it’s been great seeing the transformation of clubs from the dirty grind to a more… mommy friendly music style.

Although I’ve only been showing out live for a few years now, it’s been a great tide and I’m happy to see the direction Prodigy is headed. Hopefully the DJ career will live on beyond college for me. I kind of set my goal to keep on showing out as long as I’m still having fun and until some complete stranger asks me for an autograph. But don’t tell my mom that… she’ll hire some kid to ask me for one.

When I’m not behind the tables, I’m usually behind my computer screen. That being said, I’ll probably be back adventuring in the land of blog soon enough.

Keep Shakin’ dem jeans. And the contents of the jeans. The butts.


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DJ T-Pham (Thomas Pham)

Category: By Thomas Pham
Hey guys, I will be posting on the blog, and doing a lot of the updating. I am one of the founders of Prodigy Entertainment DJs along with Kedar Tilak. I share in the marketing and all of the business aspects in the company. We are the main contacts and DJs, so give us a holler! I've been a DJ for 6 years, and love music and everything about spinning. Prodigy has been around for a some time now, and that has been my main interest since. I'm usually known for spinning a lot of music from the bay, as well as top 40. But, I'm slowly getting into a lot of house and trance.

Outside of Prodigy, I have an active presence on the internet, which I have a great time building. During the day I work at Prudential as a Financial Services Associate. I spend a lot of my time working with clients reach their financial goals, setting up risk protection, and saving money. Refer to the links on the side to reach my financial blog and advice page. During my free time, I like to read up on start-ups and keep an eye on my friends' small companies and businesses. I play golf every weekend, and love photography as well.

We'll try our best to keep this updated. Remember to keep an eye on upcoming events. Also feel free to email me or any of the other contacts with any questions or inquiries that you may have. Request a quote is on the right side bar. Furthermore, sign up with Disqus, and I hope to interact with you guys soon through the threads. View Comments

Welcome to Prodigy Entertainment DJs

Category: By Thomas Pham
Hey guys, we've always been blogging about Prodigy for a while now but it has been exclusive. Now we're bringing everything public, and wanted to make sure that everyone knows what is going on with us come fall. We are rushing to get ready for the beginning of the school year and would like you guys to share in the excitement. This blog will mostly consist of:

> Upcoming Events
> Pictures of past events
> New stuff
> Plans
> Ideas
> New Videos
> New Music

We hope you guys like the new look for the blog we have up here. We chose the blue theme for this 08-09 school year. We usually stick with an orange and black, but we're going with a little more "icy" look, trying to keep cool.

Keep your eyes open as we slowly get this together, and feel free to sign up with Disqus.com, as we will be implementing that as our commenting system, enhancing more interactive discussion and threaded replies.

Also please check out our main website at http://prodigydjs.com/ It's where all the action happens.

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