Warehouse FUN!

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We usually don't put up pictures of our warehouse, but here's a great shot of us working hard with the lift, and of course wearing the epic infamous Prodigy Ent x Heist & Co t-shirt. Email us, if you'd like one, and we'll try to send one out to you!
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Individual Personalities

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Kedar and I (Thomas) both manage Prodigy together, and usually, if required are the DJs that spin at our productions/events. We each have our very own particular taste in music, and also have very different styles in the way we spin or mix. We will both be releasing some different short mixes for your guys' enjoyment very soon. They will not only be of different genres that we like, but also further depict our differences in music. For some of the events, Kedar and I usually take turns, catering to the crowd with different sets. Although different, we bring extra creativity and flavor to the party, and of course a wide range of song choices too. Below, I've listed our personal DJ pages. Check them out, and let us know what you think...via twitter. Because that's the only thing we check. Thanks, peace!



p.s. here's a secret mix Kedar made real quick for you guys!
DJK-Dar - Oldies Mix Fo Ya Whip

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UCSD All Campus Dance 2009

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With the beginning of the school year comes “welcome dance” season! This consists of homecoming dances, freshman dances, and of course the famous UCSD All Campus Dance. This year Prodigy was invited to come be the main-stage DJs. Neither Kedar or I had ever been to the UCSD dance, but we had definitely heard some stories about it. This year we saw first hand what all the hype was about. Here are some pictures of the setup, and the 6000+ guests. Thanks again University of California, San Diego, we had a great time!

speaker array

too many subs to count

Front shot, during sound check

DJK-Dar in the mix

me and Ron Artest after his performance

Kick-Mix and Lynae holding it down

a shot of the crowd

UCSD knows how to throw a party for sure

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CADC, Heist & CO, and Prodigy Ent

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Its the event we’ve all been waiting for. The annual CADC party is here. This time, we’re doing it big, and with one of sponsors Heist & CO. With the purchase of every pre-sale ticket, we’re giving away a free collabo t-shirt we did with Heist & CO. These are limited, so make sure you guys get it this week!

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College Foam Party

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Our editor was going through our events and hesitated when he came to pictures from our college foam party we had just finished. Jimmy ran it by Kedar and I, and we made the decision to post them up ANYWAYS! To be honest, it was one of the craziest college parties we had ever set up for. The event followed an undie run at a college we will not disclose here for obvious reasons. Thousands and thousands of guests showed up ready to party in their best looking under-garments. Inside the gym we setup a giant blow-up foam pit, with flying foam machines pouring thousands of hypoallergenic foam into the pit (yes, hypoallergenic!). Surrounding the in-door pit were lights, lazers, hazers and speakers. Top 40 and electro was played all night as some swam in foam, and others danced their butts off on the stages. Our team had a great time as we managed the pit in our swim trunks and kept the foam coming. At the end of the night we brought out the floor drying machines and sucked up all the water, and left the gym completely dry and spotless. Hope you guys like the PG-13 edition of our pictures ;D

A shot of the DJ booth, and the blow-up Foam Pit.

Lazers and moving heads flying from up high

we threw in a small lcd wall to add some lighting

the guests lining up outside

the picture shows about 1/3 of the gym.

some dancing in the foam, others taking over the dance floor

foam from up above pouring down

A shot of just the foam pit. Yes, it was crazy!

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Gradnight Season!

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We've just recently finished up gradnight season, and what a long one it was. Out of the numerous gradnights we did, this was one of our personal favorites. Here at Prodigy we love to bowl, and whats more fun than an entire night of unlimited bowling with good music and a great atmostphere. We didn't get to bowl too much that night, but the guests sure had a blast. Below are pictures of some of the stuff we liked. We setup in less than a day, and cleaned up in hours with the large crew we brought (record breaking!).

Furthermore, we'd like to thank you for all the emails you guys have been sending us. We appreciate all the great comments on our new webpage; our flyer design and marketing team worked extra hard on it. Secondly, we do have video footage, and will be putting those up as soon as we can, we won't forget. Finally, we'll try to post some more music videos up on youtube when we can. Check them out at our webpage: www.ProdigyDJs.com.

Until next time, enjoy the summer weather before it leaves us!

Game stations and uplighting

Game stations, truss towers, uplights and gobos

whats a party without a ridin' the bull pit? (YES, that is a giant DDR game setup that we brought in on a giant screen with rear projection with DJ sized speakers!)

A shot of the bar with the video screens for music videos, and ceiling gobos

We setup a great make your own music video section with costumes, and plenty of props. Hundreds of DVD's were burned that night for the participants.

The prizes for the raffles; boy was there a lot.

Side shot of the dance floor, with cages, dance floors, LED spandex towers, two 9x12' screens with truss all around

Shot looking down

Extreme bowling, and NO we didn't get to bowl..

DJ Kick-Mix in the building

Our Karaoke Tech, JD getting the microphones ready

I warned you guys it was an extreme party!

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Prodigy Ent @ UCI Care-A-Thon

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Prodigy was recently offered the opportunity to work with the UCI Care-A-Thon. We took it, and we believe it was a success. After putting our heads together, we came up with some great ideas. Care-A-Thon brought in Stonefire Grill for dinner for all the guests which was good food. Outside was a booth offering free kettle corn, a personal favorite for me (because I'm hopelessly in love with it). Next to it, Prodigy setup an airbrush tattoo team giving all the kids and guests their own personal tattoos. Inside we also setup a giant rear-projection screen for Rockband as well as Street Fighter 4, and by it, a photobooth for people to get their pictures taken and printed. The usual music and lighting were done of course and some extra mics for the bands were provided.

Congratulations to those that helped put together this incredible fundraiser. We had a great time working with you guys, and would love to do it again soon.

P.S. The bands and dance teams that performed were awesome!

View of the crowd while MCIA was performing.

A second shot from the DJ booth (that's Kedar!)

The crowd getting ready for CADC! (Sonia and Koko are in the front row, at the top left of this picture. I think thats Bobby on the far right.

CADC setting up

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Formal @ Manchester Grand Hyatt, San Diego

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2 Weeks ago I went to DJ at a formal at the Manchester Grand Hyatt. I had never been there, but I knew it was in downtown San Diego. Upon arrival and 45 minutes of trying to find out where to park, check-in and setup, I gained a pretty basic tour of the hotel. What I wanted to share with you guys is what I discovered. I was walking through the lobby (which I don't have a picture of it here) when I noticed how big it was, like an airplane hanger (slight exaggeration). I stopped and commented to the concierge about the lobby size, and he explained to me it was the largest hotel on the West Coast. Seriously, this place was big, with two swimming pools, and a ridiculous amount of banquet halls (125,000 sq. ft. worth). Furthermore, the hotel has 1,625 rooms, which in my opinion is a lot. I just wanted to share that with you guys (because I thought it was interesting). Here are a few pictures I pulled from my camera.

Front view, with the two towers. When David and I decided to go setup, we obviously chose the wrong tower to check-in at.

One of the classes performing their dance.

A very, loud, but super supportive crowd!

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By Thomas Pham

I believe I speak for all of us when I say the EPIC SPRING PARTY was a huge success. We had a great turnout and everyone had a good time. CADC performed at midnight, and tore it up. They never cease to amaze me, and the special set they had planned was ridiculous. PicMember's Brandon Wong did photography, and I'll post up some pics below when I get a chance. Kallusive and As Seen Fit came with a bunch of giveaways for the crowd, and our birthday guests also seemed to be partying it up pretty hard.

For those who attended, we hope you had a different type of clubbing experience, and of course, hope you liked the venue and the music!

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Yes, the title of this post needs to be in full capital letters. This is the event we've all be waiting for. Prodigy's Team and fans put on an event twice a year. This is our first event for the 2009 year. Its a time for Prodigy to really give back to its fans and throw one big party for everyone. So come out and party with us as we get ready for the summer! Elite was great, and our last CADC event was spectacular. This one will be.. wait for it.. LEGENDARY!

Basic Event Info:
Date: May 14, 2009
Location: Shark Club (Costa Mesa, CA)
Performances by: CADC
Go-go/Host: Alie Layus, Helen Su, Jenny Chu, Maya Michelle
Photography: PicMember
Video: Prodigy Entertainment DJs

Shameless plugs:
As Seen Fit
Greek Mile

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Battle Royale LA

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As I promised, here is a recap of what went down at Battle Royale LA. We got their mid-afternoon and began setting up. We wanted to be sure to have everything set and done prior to tech time starting which was around 7:00. The setup was pretty small, but definitely did what it was supposed to do.

The room was long and very wide. This was something we needed to prepare for when setting up lighting, sound, and power. We brought in a truss arch with DMX movers and LEDs on and inside of it. On both sides we setup main and directional speakers to cover the length of the room. To light up the dancers we setup towers in the back with conventional lighting to make sure everyone was illuminated. For the judges, we setup a stage at the back where they were elevated and able to see the dance teams. Here are some of the pictures we took.

Remember to take a look at their website for more information about the fundraiser the event was for, and how we can help.

Union Station LA (front entrance)

Side view

Color changing LEDs

DMX Moving Heads

Control station

Line to get in, 18+ and 21+

The bar we brought in for the 21+

The front of the crowd with the stars on the wall, and the lighting for the dancers.

The three judges, Taeko Carroll, Mike Song, and Katee Shean

Club party after

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