VIBE XV - Lambda Theta Delta, Kalllusive Clothing

By Thomas Pham

The first kick-off dance competition this 2010 year was VIBE XV. If you guys didn't attend, you definitely missed out! We don't want to get into it here, but some of our favorite teams performed and competed, and did an incredible job. Special shout-out to teams out of UC Irvine. Prodigy did the production for VIBE XIV, last year and had a great time through it all. This year Prodigy was invited to do it again, and we made sure to raise the bar.

This year's setup included plenty of upgrades that we thought could brighten up the show. Far more washes and white lights were used to raise the brightness of the stage (also allowing for better looking pictures). Secondly as you can see from some of the videos posted below, we installed four plasma TVs alongside the giant XV truss structure. Below the structure we included moving washes that lit up the crowd and the back of the stage. For sound, we upgraded the monitors, and also included larger JBL systems on both sides of the stage; and also pointed some center and side fills to the audience, this way allowing them to enjoy the show at a more comfortable sound level.

We hope everyone enjoyed the show and all the teams performing. There was a great turnout, and every year we can see the event is growing prolifically. Below we posted some of our favorite dances, as well as a quick video of the show from the control booth with my new HD Mino Flip. Enjoy!

Special shout-outs to:

Lambda Theta Delta - VIBE XV (special thanks to Warren Chang)

Tikkos Studios (special thanks to Louis Trinh and The Tigran)

Kallusive Clothing (special thanks to Kyle Dineen) (special thanks to Sean and Linda)

VIBE 15 (2010) from Thomas Pham on Vimeo.

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