VIBE 14 in Collaboration with Kallusive and Lambda Theta Delta

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This January 2009, Prodigy was blessed with the opportunity to work with Lambda Theta Delta (LTD) and Kallusive clothing for VIBE 14, a Southern California dance competition. Prodigy has done many large scale events here at UCI and Orange County, but nothing hit it home as much as this one did. Prodigy had already followed the dance culture and teams here in California, and is a follower of VIBE and its participants. One of the dance teams, Chinese Association Dance Crew (CADC), had recently done a clubbing event last fall with Prodigy which was a huge success. We hope everyone liked the setup we had, please feel free to leave comments regarding Prodigy, or any of the other parties involved.

Below are pictures from the event, we hoped you guys liked the setup and music. Prodigy would like to thank you Jason, LTD, and Kallusive for this opportunity to work together to create something bigger. We would also like to thank you all the participants and dance teams for coming out and giving us an incredible show. Also, If you're looking for photos be sure to check out Picmember as well as Tikko Studios for high def images. Finally, a special congratulations to CADC for placing first this year!

Here are some links we wanted you guys to check out also. Definitely great companies, and very inspirational to what we do here at Prodigy.

Lambda Theta Delta - VIBE 14 (special thanks to Jason Park)

Tikkos Studios (special thanks to Louis Trinh and The Tigran)

Kallusive Clothing (special thanks to Kyle Dineen)

Picmember (special thanks to Brian Banks)

VIBE XIV from Louis Trinh on Vimeo.

Part of the Prodigy Team

Custom structure

CADC opening

End of show



Color changing

Its a wrap, we’re out of here!

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