Red Themed Wedding

Category: By Thomas Pham
We know its been a long time, but we're slowly putting up pictures from some of our weddings. This one in particular was was a black, white and red themed wedding. Theres red uplights on all walls around the room. During dance time, the lights also change colors in sync around the room.

At the front of the stage is the gobo of the bride and groom's name above it. We don't normally shoot the gobo at the center table, but the bride requested for it to be there. As you guys probably have seen, we normally do the gobo on a blank wall, in front of the building, or on the dance floor.

Scroll down, you'll see we put in a white photobooth. After the wedding we gave the bridge and groom a DVD with all the pictures that were taken, and a scrapbook with all the pictures in it.

Take a look at the flowers; our florist did incredible work on the center pieces too, they were humongous! If there are any questions, please email us.


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